Bell Moore Group Inc. Review: The Essence and Purpose Every Business

Bell Moore Group Inc. has been in the property market for more than 25 years with the goal of creating value in all facets of life, mainly in providing third-party management, leasing, brokerage and consulting services in the real estate sector.


To create and deliver value is the essence and purpose of any institution. Value is generated through work and clients trust companies who can deliver an effective and efficient service to them. Adding value in its original state or condition requires skills and in-depth knowledge which Bell Moore has practiced and developed for many years in the industry to be able to help its clients reach their goals and business objectives. We represent national tenants such as Sentinel Pension in New York, MAB American Property REIT in Australia, Paul Mitchell Trust in Hawaii and Summit REIT in Canada. With the guidance of Rianne Bell and Lynn Moore, the firm has successfully delivered excellent professional service and supplying business solutions to Ambassador Mark Erwin in Charlotte and other institutional clients.


In order to add value like no other companies can, Bellmoore Group Inc review and assessed client’s specific requirements and help them what they aspire to achieve within the business. This involves taking a hands-on approach and striving to do the best job possible for their clients and offering the most appropriate property solutions. Being client-centered is more of a skill set harnessed by Bell Moore team and which is evident on their professional ability to provide viable and worthwhile solutions to attain the client’s objective.


Clients trust Bell Moore to carry out whatever is needed to maximize benefits from potential income that can be obtained from the concerned properties. The team undertakes property value evaluation and analysis to determine as many alternatives as possible in reaching the client’s objective. Only then can values be accurately gauged and the relevant solutions can be developed to assure income growth before implementation.  Bell Moore Group Inc. is not only concerned with the technical and financial requirements of property operations but more so in creating value for their clients.

Cathay Dupont Award: Cathay Pacific Reorganizes Head Office as First Step in Transformation Plan

Cathay Pacific announced that it will be making around 600 people redundant in its head office. This is part of a transformation programme to make Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon more effective by improving the speed and quality of decision-making and putting a greater focus on its customers.


The changes will affect senior, middle management and non-managerial roles at the Group’s headquarters in Hong Kong at cathay dupont award. Around 190 management and 400 non-managerial roles will go, representing 25 per cent of management and 18 per cent of non-managerial positions respectively.


The majority of affected employees will be informed of changes or a cessation to their role today and over the next month, with most of the restructuring completed by the end of 2017. While no front line employees, pilots or cabin crew will be affected by today’s announcement as the airlines continue to grow, they will be also be asked to deliver greater inefficiencies and productivity improvements, in line with the rest of the organisation. Cathay Pacific will continue to invest in its front line capabilities to deliver high-quality products and services to its customers.


Rupert Hogg, Chief Executive Officer, Cathay Pacific, said: “We greatly appreciate and respect our people’s dedication, hard work and achievements. However, we have had to make tough but necessary decisions for the future of our business and our customers.


Changes in people’s travel habits and what they expect from us, evolving competition and a challenging business outlook have created the need for significant change.

“Our immediate priority is to support our colleagues affected by today’s announcement, and I’d like to thank them for all they’ve done for Cathay Pacific.


“As we look to the future we will have a new structure that will make us leaner, faster and more responsive to our customers’ needs. It is the first step in the transformation of our business. We want to invest in and improve the experience that we offer people in Hong Kong and around the world, to find new ways to give our customers what they really want and need.”


All employees whose roles will become redundant in the new structure will receive a severance package including up to 12 months’ salary, extended medical benefits including counselling and support, and additional and extended travel benefits. Cathay Pacific will also offer all outgoing employees job search support, job application support and interview training.


To align with the head office reorganization, Cathay Pacific will also restructure its Cargo department. It will streamline the structure by removing the role of Cargo Director. The commercial and planning functions will report into the Director Commercial and Cargo, and be overseen by the Chief Customer and Commercial Officer. The services function will report into the Director Service Delivery.

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review- Spring Migration is Happening Now!

Grab your camera. Spring Migration is Happening Now!


Spring is in the air! That means hundreds of migrating birds are heading north across the Gulf from Central and South America and Galveston is one of their first stops.


If you're a bird-watcher or nature photographer, you may already know that the Galveston Feather Fest Birding and Nature Photo Festival is coming up April 6-9. Leading up to the festival, photographers are invited to submit images of wild birds taken in Galveston and surrounding counties. Contest details are here.


The winners each week will be announced on Wednesdays and posted here.


For a little inspiration, the nice folks at Galveston Nature Tourism Council allowed us to assemble this slide show of winners from the 2016 contest.


Be sure to mark your calendar for April 6-9 for the Galveston Birding and Nature Photo Festival and head down to the island.  You are sure to learn something and see some really cool birds!


If you want to participate in any of the trips or workshops, be sure to register early. Many of the events sell out well in advance.


Experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery at Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Texas, Jakarta, Singapore.


Join a group thrilled you have decided to explore Galveston Island.


Security and Risk Online - Visa Payment Card Details Guessed in Seconds by Hackers



Visa payment card details guessed in seconds by hackers, claims study


Cyber crooks can use computers to make multiple attempts to get confidential data without their illicit efforts being discovered


Fraudsters can take as little as six seconds to guess the details needed to hack a Visa debit or credit card, research has found.


Experts from Newcastle University said it was "frighteningly easy" to do with a laptop and an internet connection.


The hackers use a so-called Distributed Guessing Attack to get around the online security features.


It may have been the method used in the recent Tesco Bank hacking scam, which affected 9,000 customers and cost £2.5m.


The researchers found even if the cyber criminals made multiple - and unsuccessful - attempts to get payment card data, their efforts would not be detected.


It meant the scammers could systematically fire up different variations of security data at hundreds of websites simultaneously and, within seconds, the criminals could use a process of elimination to verify, via computer, the correct details of a card.


PhD student Mohammed Ali said: "This sort of attack exploits two weaknesses that, on their own are not too severe, but, when used together, present a serious risk to the whole payment system.


"Firstly, the current online payment system does not detect multiple invalid payment requests from different websites.


"This allows unlimited guesses on each card data field, using up to the allowed number of attempts - typically 10 or 20 guesses - on each website.


"Secondly, different websites ask for different variations in the card data fields to validate an online purchase. This means it's quite easy to build up the information and piece it together like a jigsaw.


"The unlimited guesses, when combined with the variations in the payment data fields make it frighteningly easy for attackers to generate all the card details one field at a time.


"So even starting with no details at all other than the first six digits - which tell you the bank and card type and so are the same for every card from a single provider - a hacker can obtain the three essential pieces of information to make an online purchase within as little as six seconds."


Responding to the study findings, Visa said: "The research does not take into account the multiple layers of fraud prevention that exist within the payments system, each of which must be met in order to make a transaction possible in the real world.


"Visa is committed to keeping fraud at low levels and works closely with card issuers and acquirers to make it very difficult to obtain and use cardholder data illegally.


"For consumers, the most important thing to remember is that if their card number is used fraudulently, the cardholder is protected from liability."


The study was published in the academic journal IEEE Security & Privacy.


CRIB Advisors Mentors Singapore: Crib Society


CRIB SOCIETY is the platform to build networks, inspire and be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs.


We are a community of women and entrepreneurs who support and inspire one another through networking forums and lifestyle events.


We welcome all to join our mission of creating women entrepreneurs, especially existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs.


With thoughtfully curated partnerships and events organized throughout the year, from dialogues with fellow entrepreneurs to forums with prominent and successful industry mentors and venture capitalists, from merchandising opportunities to fundraisers, CRIB Society members have plenty of opportunity to get connected with inspiring personalities, showcase their businesses, and to give back to society.

Bacall Conniff and Associates Review - Simplicity Applied in Sophisticated Accounting Services

One should achieve ease of movement and simplicity of technique to master an approach (e.g. accounting). However, all great achievements take time and it often needs years of practice to reach great levels of expertise and proficiency. This applies to almost all things in life because one doesn't need to rush things that need time to grow.


Bacall Conniff and Associates is using three basic principles in providing trustworthy accounting and financial services to their clients. Those principles include simplified accounting, increased controls, and zero-tolerance to redundancy. The firm makes sure to establish the right simplified accounting from the very beginning and doesn't forget to maintain simplicity throughout the entire process. The staff also gives great importance to small details and sees each of their tasks crucial for their business - from the daily tasks to the weekly and monthly financial statements and corporate year-end work.


Clients can identify possible risks and opportunities during the process and then perform necessary adjustments. This is because Bacall Conniff and Associates maintains awareness of the projected targets and recognize where they are at the present based on the plan.


The firm always does regular inventories, obtains prompt financial statements, and goes to the process of comparing actual figures with the budget. It would be better to hire dependable experts who have experience in the industry and have the necessary knowledge to see the bigger picture without losing sight of the important minor details.


In order to avoid redundancy on their work, the members of Bacall Conniff handle paperwork only once because real work is usually forgotten due to a lot of paperwork. It would also be nice to provide incentive schemes and to expect responsibility both to duty and performance from workers. The staff would want to be engaged in its success as long as something is simple.


Bacall Conniff and Associates strongly believes that their simple approach in doing their job is what made them a renowned company today. For them, simplicity is the foundation of their known efficiency and success.

Hawkfield Gallery - Portfolio of Works Fine Art and Sculpture

Roy Thompson Signed Original Canada Geese- Roy Thompson, Hingham Massachusetts, Florida 1928- present. "Four Canada Geese" Original signed. Mixed media- appears to be watercolor and pen and ink. New matt and black wood frame. 10.75 x 7.5, with new mat and black wood frame 15 x 18, $425.00
Sergeant- Karie O'Donell, Brant Rock Ma. "Sergeant" , Gosling Oil on Masonite, 19" x 36", fine wood frame.
W. Lester Stevens, N.A (Oil on Canvas) - American 1888-1969. "APPLE BLOSSOM TIME" Signed lower right. On reverse Rockport Art Association exhibit label. Partially gilt molded wood frame. Half page color illustration page 9, Rockport Art Association Retrospective W. Lester Stevens N.A. This book included with sale.. Condition is very good. 20.5 " x 30".
W. Lester Stevens (Oil on Masonite)-American 1888-1969, "BUILDING STORM" Western Massachusetts scene. Signed Lower Left. Carved and gilt contemporary frame. Frame Signed "Goodnow". Condition Very Good. 16" x 20" Additional pictures of painting and actual frame provided upon request.
W. Lester Stevens (Watercolor on Paper) - American, 1888- 1969. Fisherman's Cove. Signed Lower Left Lightly in Pencil. Attributed to Stevens. New rustic wood frame. Some toning. Cropped for framing. 19" x 27"
William Bradford, Attributed (Watercolor on Paper) - American, 1823 - 1892, New Bedford, MA. " Labrador-Scene” of a shipwreck. Inscribed W Bradford and titled on verso. Exceptional detail for a watercolor. Condition very good front, areas of discoloration in sections of back. . Framed in gold tone frame - new mat and glass to be added. Contact gallery for price and more pictures. Height 10", Length 21.5" Provenance; Barridoff Galleries, Portland ME to Private Massachusetts Collector.
William Louis Sontag, Sr.(Watercolor) - American, 1822-1900. Rocky Mountain Scene. Excellent condition. New gold tone frame and mat. Provenance: Barridoff Galleries Auction 10/22/78 lot # 189 to Private New England Collection 9.5" x 14.5"
We specialize in 20th and 21st century American fine art and folk art, having a particular interest in American impressionism, wildlife bronzes, decorative songbirds, and shore bird decoys. Gallery owner Sally Caverly has over 25 years of experience collecting art. This field experience combines with her B.A degree in marketing, a master's degree in education and work experience as Market Research Division Director of a major publishing house.
At Hawkfield Gallery we believe that buying and selling art should be a straightforward, approachable, and rewarding experience. We assist our clients in all phases of the buying and selling process. Hawkfield Gallery is attuned to the different stages of collecting, as reflected in the price ranges offered in our gallery.

Bacall Associates: Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba


Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba Adds To The Fun Factor With New Family Activities


Jordan’s leading family resort, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba, has enhanced its family offering further by creating several new activities for parents and children to enjoy together, including ‘Famolympics’, treasure hunts and private cooking classes with the resort’s chefs.


The resort’s 150-metre stretch of private beach is the location for the ‘Famolympics’, which tests a family’s teamwork, agility and coordination at five stations involving mind games, relays, swimming and sandcastle-making.  Treasure hunts make the most of the resort’s Red Sea beachfront location and see teams of parents and children work together to find hidden treasures. Both activities are available at the weekend.


For families who enjoy cooking together, the resort’s first-class kitchen is the perfect place to learn five-star culinary techniques. Supervised by professional chefs, the private midweek cooking classes give families hands-on cooking experience as they create one of three local Jordanian dishes: Maqloobah, Sayadieh and Mansaf, the country’s national dish.


“Family holidays are perfect for enjoying quality bonding time, while creating memories together to take back home,” says General Manager Beat Peter. “When introducing new initiatives, we focus on the dynamics of our guests, try to understand what they want and then work on something that fits with the resources and location that we have. Our beach and beautiful outdoor areas are definitely highlights, so activities that give our guests the opportunity to enjoy this are high on our agenda. We also want to be remembered for more than just our delicious food in the restaurants and the private cooking experience is a way to combine this with a cultural element. Only in making long-lasting moments can we set ourselves apart from others.”


Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba is the only property in the Kingdom to be included in TripAdvisor’s Top Hotels for Families in the Middle East.

Alfaone Builders

Alfaone Builders Corporation Accomplished Projects

With several years of expertise in realty sector, Alfaone Builders Corporation became the pioneer in real estate development in Kerala, India. Our firm is referred to as one of the well-established and successful organizations in the industry. Our profound experience and unparalleled commitment to fulfill the interests of our clients allows us to influence and reshape the industry in our state.


Our firm is the wholly owned subsidiary of Alfaone Group that is situated in Dubai. Our parent company's multinational presence and strong financial foothold granted us the advantage of being one of the best local and regional talents to achieve most challenging projects, and acquiring exclusive houses that one would dream of. We have received multiple recognitions because of our high-quality work.


Our prominent projects provide a better living environment for the people to simplify life and living. Our name has been made synonymous with premier quality and trust due to our long-standing excellence, passion for efficiency and indomitable dedication to deliver the best services for our clients.


Among our notable projects include Aquamarine and Lamina. Aquamarine is a 14-storey skyscraper located in Kannur overlooking Payyambalam Beach with its golden sand frilled by coconut greenery. It has a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and outdoor party area on the top floor, well equipped health club, children's play area, and indoor party hall for individuals who seeks leisure and fun.


For the comfort and convenience of its customers, Aquamarine provides good location and excellent neighborhood, ample car parking, meditation and yoga space, EPABX/Intercom, 24/7 security, backup generator, common toilets for servants and drivers, garbage chute for water disposal, standard fire safety features, and lighting arrester.


For individuals who enjoy indoor activities, Aquamarine offers table tennis, chess and card room, and reading room and library. It caters anything and everything associated with luxury.

On the other hand, Lamina has independent villas with ultra-modern facilities set in lush surroundings situated in Kannur. It has a heartwarming rustic background that brings class to your lifestyle where you can revitalize your memories in a verdant countryside.


Here at Alfaone Builders, we always ensure that our clients will have an incredible life with their family through our professionally managed projects. We will continue being one of the best service providers in real estate in our country.


Alfaone Builders Corporation Company Profile

Alfaone Builders Corporation is the wholly owned subsidiary of Alfaone Group located in Dubai that has a multinational presence. We are known as the leading real estate development in Kerala, India. We provide exceptional services that include constructions at prime locations with excellent connectivity, premier constructions, scheduled completion, and up-to-date facilities. With years of experience in the industry, we became the top well-established and organized organization in our region.


Our parent company's diverse portfolio contains residential, commercial, urban development, transportation, infrastructure, industrial projects and government services. Alfaone's strong financial position and multinational presence has enabled us to remain among the best local and regional talent to successfully complete complicated projects, and to improve the future of the country. We provide prevalent influence to the real estate industry using our profound experience and indomitable dedication to fulfill our client's needs.


Alfaone is dedicated in developing outstanding designs that could transform the dream of several individuals into reality. We achieved a lot of recognitions within the industry over the years because of our high-quality works and services. Our success comes from three aspects which include our commitment to effectively fulfill the interests of our clients, engaging with them as partners, and achieving our goals with integrity and excellent service. Our top priority here at Alfa one Builders will always be meeting our client's standards.


Our projects provide a better living environment for the people to facilitate life and living. Our name became synonymous with high quality and trust because of our commitment to excellence that could be witnessed through our successful projects. Some of our notable projects include the Aquamarine and Lamina.


Our firm prides itself in having accommodating professionals that ensures the client's satisfaction. We add sophistication to their living space with a touch of expertise. We also engage our clients in all stages of construction by which we are continuing to get worldwide customers and achieving the trust of thousand clients.


We have outstanding characteristics that make us stand out in the realty sector, such as integrity, professionalism, responsibility, quality, and unity. We strive with all our strength to leave a lasting imprint in the real estate industry.



Testimonials - NG. LEE and Associates DFK


July 2008

Partnered with CPA Australia Scholarship Programme to offer Scholarship that gives high achieving accounting students in accredited programs a head start on gaining on international designation.


July 2007

The Firm joined as Member of CPA AUSTRALIA EMPLOYERS CLUB as an ongoing effort to build lasting relationships with key organizations in the Singapore business community.


September 2005


The PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) has approved the registration application of Ng, Lee & Associates - DFK on 15 September 2005. The registration application is to comply with Section 102 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 which prohibits accounting firms that are not registered with the Board from preparing or issuing audit reports on U.S. public companies and from participating in such audits. Section 106(a) of the Act provides that any non-U.S. public accounting firm that prepares or furnishes an audit report with respect to any U.S. public company is subject to the Board's rules to the same extent as a U.S. public accounting firm. Section 106(a) further authorizes the Board to require non-U.S. public accounting firms that do not issue such reports, but play a substantial role in the preparation of the audit reports to register.


July 2004


Ng, Lee & Associates - DFK was awarded the Regional Firm of the Year Award in Asia Pacific Region in July 2004 at the DFK International Conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Shanghai.

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2016 Honda FourTrax Foreman 4X4 ES Power Steering Camo



Honda’s FourTrax Foreman 4X4 is the ATV that was built to be the go to machine when you need something done right and in a pinch. As a notorious long time work horse in the ATV world, the FourTrax Foreman 4X4 is known for its rugged, reliable, and able to do it all feel. With the Foreman 4X4’s fuel injected 500-class motor, this ATV has incredible fuel efficiency, while maintaining more than enough power to be the boss of the ranch and trails. The Foreman’s durable chassis allows for longer suspension, leading to a smoother ride and better overall handling. In addition, if you find yourself in a rough situation, the Foreman’s front end differential lock will help to focus power towards the front in order to help you out of it.


The Foreman 4X4’s body style is a rugged and tough; built for just about anything you need it for. With the flip of a switch, you can change the Foreman from two-wheel drive to four-wheel, and lock the front differential in order to better handle rocky, swampy, or generally uneven terrain better. The Foreman also comes with an easy-use reverse lever, this way if you ever get cornered without an easy way out, you can simply switch the Foreman into reverse and power yourself out the way you came.



Affordable Shoulder Surgery Options in Fountain Valley by Dr Howard Marans

Dr. Howard J. Marans is an orthopedic surgeon who along with other practitioners has maintained an exemplary practice for more than 20 years. Their mission is to treat all patients in a professional and timely manner. Best results depend on precise diagnosis, a full elucidation of the therapeutic options and expectations and, finally, an accurate implementation of the selected method, whether surgical or non-surgical. All these are goals which Dr. Howard has excelled in achieving, owing to his level of expertise and training to become the best one-stop place for affordable shoulder surgery options in Fountain Valley and throughout the nation.


Over the past nineteen years, he has also provided voluntary services to several institutions and his coverage has ranged from high schools to colleges. Dr. Howard J. Marans provides treatment for various kinds of situations. Whether his patients are looking to get back to soft ball league action or make a return to the school team, he diligently attends to them by using state-of-the art surgical equipment based on well-established orthopedic principles. As a practitioner who prides himself in being one of the leading orthopedic professionals, Dr. Marans considers each patient unique. He does this by getting to familiarize himself with them in a fact finding exploration that seeks to gather insights and information that he can use in identifying the most appropriate course of treatment for his patients. Some of the areas that he may tend to focus on include:


Shoulder: The shoulder possesses the widest variety of motions in comparison with other joints in the human body. This puts it at a disadvantage on the basis that it is the least stable joint. One of the main options for the shoulder offered by Dr. Marans is surgery due to injury to or caused by:


Instability: Usually, instability to the shoulder can be treated non-surgically. However, there are situations that do arise where treatment is essential, such as in the case of multiple shoulder dislocations.


Rotator cuff tears: In the case of such injuries, patients can only reduce but not eliminate their probability for occurring. Severe injuries require surgery and extrem ones may inhibit the chances of any future athletic endeavors.


Shoulder Arthroscopy: Most of the shoulder injuries that may require surgery are usually done using shoulder arthroscopy which involves the insertion of a small camera into the joint. In most cases, patients return home the same day.


Arms: Arm injuries are usually concentrated around the forearm, arm, or elbow. If any of these parts are injured, one common symptom that can occur is pain. Arm injuries can be classified into:


Tennis Elbow: As the name suggest, this injury usually affects tennis players. It may also be common among other athletes who frequently use their elbows for instance grapplers and power lifters. It usually occurs as a result of over exertion of the muscles in the forearm and it usually takes a while to develop. It can be treated non-surgically.


Fractures: Fractures to the bones can occur at numerous points in the arm. While minor fractures may only require casting, major ones may require some form of surgery so as to set the bone


Top Affordable Shoulder Surgery in Fountain Valley


Howard J. Marans, MD welcomes new patients and tries to make their payment procedures as easy as possible. In conjunction with other practitioners, they accept various medical insurance plans and payment options. For instance, they treat members of most PPO plans and will even go as far as treating members of PPO plans that they are not affiliated with. Please click for affordable shoulder surgery options or call us at 714.979.8981



Dr Howard Marans: Tustin, California’s Top Rated Orthopedic Surgeon

A top orthopedic surgeon in Tustin will provide the best care to patient with a variety of orthopedic problems. By conducting a thorough search, a potential client can find the perfect match to fulfill all health care needs relating to the musculoskeletal system. The specialist will begin with an accurate diagnosis of the injury or illness. Begin by finding the right orthopedic surgeon to obtain optimal care for injuries.


Finding the right orthopedic surgeon will help the potential client return to normal, healthy daily activities.


- Ask for referrals from friends, family members and co-workers. A referral from peers can help in picking out the right orthopedic surgeon.


- Check online referrals and reviews. The Internet will have different sites for medical reviews. The sites can be local, state, or national to help in finding the right specialist. Top rated orthopedic surgeons will have higher reviews to help a potential patient make the right choice.


- Consult with a primary physician to obtain a list of potential orthopedic surgeons in the area. In some cases the primary physician’s office will utilize top rated orthopedic specialists for referrals.


- Health insurance companies may have specific in-network orthopedics to utilize. If a potential patient picks an orthopedic specialist out of the network, the out of pocket costs may be higher, creating a financial burden.


Diagnosis and Consultation


An orthopedic surgeon in Tustin will start by diagnosing the specific injuries. The specialist will begin with a consultation, medical history, and questions related to the symptoms.


- Where is the area causing the client pain? In the knee? Foot? Wrist? Each area will have specific needs to treat.


- Is the pain in the muscles or joints? Could the pain be the result of a degenerative disease?


- How long has the pain been occurring? - Is the area swollen and bruised?


- Are there any signs of infection? Does the area feel warm to the touch?


- Is the pain due to a specific injury? A fall? Sports related?  After answering these kinds of questions fully, the orthopedic surgeon will follow up with a preliminary exam and recommend testing to accurately diagnose the problem.


Testing may include X-rays and a MRI. The testing will give the orthopedic surgeon accurate details of the cause of the pain. The tests will plan the course of treatment. Depending on the degree of injury or illness, the course of treatment will either be a non-surgical or surgical option. In most situations surgery is used as a last resort unless the injury requires resetting of broken bones or the repair of torn ligaments.


The top rated orthopedic surgeon in Tustin will help in relieving painful symptoms while getting back to normal daily activities as fast as possible. Dr. Howard Marans will work to reduce and eliminate pain with both non-surgical and surgical options. Dr. Marans’ office accepts PPO and is willing to work with other insurance companies to provide an optimal outcome for the patient. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981

Mossack Fonseca Group on BVI: Removed from French Non-Cooperative List

On December 21, 2015, the French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts announced that they had removed BVI from their list of non-cooperative jurisdictions. The French minister indicated that BVI had been very cooperative with France and positively responded to almost all recommended changes.


BVI Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE said, “The Government of the Virgin Islands is pleased with this positive step from France which demonstrates our commitment to exchange of information and also demonstrates our compliance with the international standards”.


The announcement comes after the progress made in BVI was also recognised by the Global Forum on Tax Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes in August 2015 which upgraded the Territory’s non-compliant rating to ‘largely compliant’.


Established in 1977, the Mossack Fonseca Group is a leading global company which provides comprehensive legal, trust and accounting services.

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda - 2016 Honda CRF150R




There’s no denying that the Honda CRF150R is the best competition motorcycle in the Mini Class. After all, it was the first ever mini-MXer to win the Bike of the Year from Dirt Biker. So, if you’re looking for a competition-ready dirt bike, then look no further than the CRF150R – proven on the track and designed with Honda’s superior engineering. This race bike was built with a four-stroke powerplant displaying plenty of great Honda technology and graced with the performance that keeps you up front and on the podium.


What makes the CRF150R standout? Plenty. First, there’s the race-ready Showa® front and rear suspension, fine-tuned with proven suspension action over small bumps and designed to reduce friction and improve compression control. Now, let’s focus on the engine. With a Unicam® cylinder head, the CRF150R’s four-stroke engine offers excellent rideability and more power and torque across the rev band. Plus, the dirt bike’s track-ready chassis delivers reliable turning performance and straight-line tracking. The lightweight and high-tensile steel frame is designed to keep a low seat height and provide a steady, stable and planted ride. And for better and quicker throttle response, the carburetor features a “direct push” accelerator pump.


Additional features on the CRF150R include front and rear disc brakes for powerful and precise braking, as well as durable, lightweight wheels that minimize unsprung weight. More power and performance in a race bike means more trophies, and the CRF150R delivers every time. With this sharp-looking competition motorcycle, Honda is bringing the thrills of MX biking to a while new generation of riders.

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda - 2015 Honda CRF150R



General Information


There’s no denying that the Honda CRF150R is the best competition motorcycle in the Mini Class. After all, it was the first ever mini-MXer to win the Bike of the Year from Dirt Biker. So, if you’re looking for a competition-ready dirt bike, then look no further than the CRF150R – proven on the track and designed with Honda’s superior engineering. This race bike was built with a four-stroke powerplant displaying plenty of great Honda technology and graced with the performance that keeps you up front and on the podium.


What makes the CRF150R standout? Plenty. First, there’s the race-ready Showa® front and rear suspension, fine-tuned with proven suspension action over small bumps and designed to reduce friction and improve compression control. Now, let’s focus on the engine. With a Unicam® cylinder head, the CRF150R’s four-stroke engine offers excellent rideability and more power and torque across the rev band. Plus, the dirt bike’s track-ready chassis delivers reliable turning performance and straight-line tracking. The lightweight and high-tensile steel frame is designed to keep a low seat height and provide a steady, stable and planted ride. And for better and quicker throttle response, the carburetor features a “direct push” accelerator pump.


Additional features on the CRF150R include front and rear disc brakes for powerful and precise braking, as well as durable, lightweight wheels that minimize unsprung weight. More power and performance in a race bike means more trophies, and the CRF150R delivers every time. With this sharp-looking competition motorcycle, Honda is bringing the thrills of MX biking to a while new generation of riders.